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Edutainment in business is one of the newest and most effective technique of transferring the knowledge. Edutainment is a unique combination of education and entertainment based on the concept ?learning by playing?. Participants of the training, in a very efficient way, learns by experience in stimulated business word, realistic situations and problems, faced everyday by employees from different areas of the company.

The Claster Edutainment was founded in 2010, as a joint initiative of the entities representing four sectors: small-medium enterprises, business institutions, public administrations and colleges.

The mission of Malopolska Cluster Edutainment is to increase innovativeness, competitiveness and attractiveness of the Malopolska region. It is realized by building lasting connections in area of promotion and development the newpersonnel training formsin business, on the principles of edutainment.

Main products, offered by Cluster, are business games. As a part of its activity, Cluster constantly develops  and introduces most  modern and most effective simulation methods, which are attractive for recipients and guarantee high effectiveness in transmission of knowledge. Simulation games are addressed to the broadly defined business. To ensure maximum efficiency, business games are precisely tailored to the customers? needs in terms of its range, specialization, type of the transferred knowledge, or used educational tools. The aim of all projects runs nowadays, and also these implemented in the future, is to increase Partners? innovativeness level, based on new forms of personnel education. Not only the form of education is important in the context of the Cluster Edutainment. Equally valid is knowledge of the best business practices, which will be passed as a part of the projects for business simulation games based on the principles of edutainment.

Cluster Edutainment is opened ? to this arrangement can join, on a voluntary basis and  willingness of cooperation, each entity connected with training or research sector, and companies which offer services for persons and entities from this sector.